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KL, doctor, shopping, food/ Saturday, March 19, 2011

My skin is getting worse after the BIG camp...
so went to KL to see doctor with mom~

Reached there about 9am,
and the doctor is having the 6th patient,
and im the 10th...
but i waited 3 hours for my turn...


Spent RM200++ on my medicines...

While waiting for my turn,
mom and i went to have our breakfast



After that
mom went to Sg.Wang
and i went to lowyat~

to my surprise, it was not as crowded as usual...

so CUTE!
thinking of getting one for my lappy
but it's way too red LOL

arrgh... for iphone 4 only..?? :(

Was trying to look for stuffs for my ipod touch 1st gen...
Some salesman told me it already exinct in the market
But i still have some hope in myself,
so i searched the whole lowyat
I couldnt find a single thing for it...
Not even a protective case...

grrrrrrr....... not fair lah...

stupid Apple x(

Sony DSLRs!!!
i want one...... >_<

Mom bought one for herself... :)

Dinner before going back~

Pontian wanton noodles...

Wanton noodle 'pontian style'~
taste exactly like noodles in JB... LOL

Reached home at about 7pm
and it was raining...


What a tiring day...




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